1. donnerpartyofone and a polar bear at the sdzoo


  2. Looking South
    Looking North

    PCH, April 2014


  3. Old Mission San Juan Bautista, California 2014

    (Source: Flickr / beigeinside)


  4. Somewhere outside San Jose, from the back seat.


  5. Mountains From Above 2014 ✈


  6. From the montereybayaquarium Tentacles exhibit.


  7. More jellies from the montereybayaquarium

    (Source: Flickr / beigeinside)


  8. From the montereybayaquarium “Jellies Experience”


  9. Monterey Bay, April 2014


  10. donnerpartyofone and the bay after a visit to the montereybayaquarium


  11. yumsthewordshow:

    Headliner Joy Behar (theview-abc) killing it with her story at last week’s show. Auntie, the audience and I were all plotzing. She is so damn funny!

    The current “most famous person I’ve photographed” photo, shot last week for yumsthewordshow.


  12. The weekend’s flora and fauna. Turf and surf.