1. Orange you glad it’s Labor Day?


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  3. mostlymornings is my accomplished drummer friend/poet/neighbor who takes compelling photos of the sky above this tree.


  4. Lots of ice cream today with an assist from donnerpartyofone


  5. Licensed by UrbanScape: http://urbansculpt.com/blogs/2014/2/26/saving-a-superfund-brooklyns-gowanus-canal
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    An assortment of websites currently taking advantage of the fact that my Flickr account is CC licensed. And with proper citation no less; bully for us.

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  6. i can see your wiener

    It’s 2014 and there is still no hot dog emoji.


  7. Congratulations on your success in building a small empire or two and then having a larger empire acknowledge what you’ve created and reward you further, luckyshirt. To me you’ll always be the dude I bothered for a photo 5 years ago at a get-together in Manhattan (babyface pictured above) and have occasionally bothered since. Enjoy ComiCon.


  8. Flora of the @sdzoo


  9. Went upstate this weekend; saw Albany from near and far (pictured).


  10. The camera you have


  11. "The last thing you see before you get possessed by the devil" - donnerpartyofone (source)

    sdzoo, April 2014


  12. 500 miles in a small car with donnerpartyofone, April 2014