1. Mountains From Above 2014 ✈


  2. From the montereybayaquarium Tentacles exhibit.


  3. More jellies from the montereybayaquarium

    (Source: Flickr / beigeinside)


  4. From the montereybayaquarium “Jellies Experience”


  5. Monterey Bay, April 2014


  6. donnerpartyofone and the bay after a visit to the montereybayaquarium


  7. yumsthewordshow:

    Headliner Joy Behar (theview-abc) killing it with her story at last week’s show. Auntie, the audience and I were all plotzing. She is so damn funny!

    The current “most famous person I’ve photographed” photo, shot last week for yumsthewordshow.


  8. The weekend’s flora and fauna. Turf and surf.


  9. Industrial stroll under a bright moon.


  10. Drowned 5th Ave


  11. Earlier this evening. Thanks to donnerpartyofone for bringing this to my attention.