1. Go to an A+ restaurant that has surprisingly large portions for dinner with donnerpartyofone, don’t eat it all, go to bed, wake up, put an egg or two on the leftovers.


  2. Last night on Canal St at the base of the Manhattan Bridge


  3. Alternate title for that last image: Superfun[d] Party Boat


  4. Gowanus-proof boat


  5. Manhattan, a.m.


  6. This again.


  7. Spent some time outside by choice this weekend.


  8. Smith 9th St Station, Gowanus


  9. Winter evening looking down 6th Ave


  10. Peeking around the edge of Smith-9th St F/G Station


  11. 4th Ave-9th St, waiting


  12. Got stuck on a train last week due to a track fire at the Delancy/Essex St Station. Don’t let the size after the fire department dealt with it fool you. There was enough smoke that some of it found a way into the train while we waited. Eventually the driver pulled up so that the first door on the train was at the platform, and we were able to slowly shuffle out.