1. The trip so far.


  2. neveratendermoment:




    NEW IN THE SNAKE SHOP: Guilty by Claire Donner

    "We say always in Sweden that an accident rarely comes alone. Usually one or more follows…perhaps two." 

    A modern “Crimes by Women” comic based on the true life exploits of identical twin sisters Ursula and Sabina Eriksson. Published by Snakebomb Comix.

    this is COOL!

    oh shit it happened

    nowhere for me to hide now

    For your consideration.


  3. donnerpartyofone building up


  4. Well, the weekend was nice.


  5. At least it’s Spring in the office break room.


  6. It might snow again tonight.


  7. From earlier this winter, of which the end seems questionable.


  8. Your Word Choice #40


    […] used to have cooler people living there.

    Welcome to anyplace, ever. Here is your complimentary change.

    (Source: flyingshoppinglist)



  10. This is how Selena Coppock listens to Nickleback on the L train. From the February Soundtrack Series.


  11. Last night’s #bikenyc commute home on a fake Spring evening.


  12. The winter that wouldn’t quit from earlier this year, Fifth and Sixth Avenues